How to Create an Effective Logo and Use it in Your Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re new to business or are looking to do a rebrand, choosing a logo design is one of the most important steps to get your business out there. Logos have a huge impact on a customer’s first impressions so it’s important that you logo represents you well.

The main challenge is that you’re in a competitive market and it can be difficult to create something original and effective. So we’ve put together some tips on how to create a logo for your business and also how to use it effectively in your marketing strategy.

Understand your brand

The first step to pushing your brand out there is to understand it well. It helps to ask yourself questions such as:

  • What are your company beliefs and values?
  • If you could describe your brand in three words, what would they be?
  • How do you want customers to see you?

Asking these questions will help you to define your brand’s personality which will help you to create a logo and marketing strategy in line with it.

Think of your audience first

The best way to reach your audience is to always have them in mind when considering new ideas. They are the ones you want buying from you after all.

Instead of thinking just about what you want to get across to your audience, think about what they need to see and hear from you. Businesses exist to meet needs but sometimes they can lose sight of this. Ask yourself: what do customers need from a brand like yours?

Keep it simple

Your logo doesn’t have to be complicated or flashy. Sometimes simple is best, especially when it comes to logos and marketing materials. A simple design looks clean, modern and memorable when done right.

Make it memorable

The best logos are easy to remember. You want to be one of the first companies people think of when they need whatever product or service you sell.

A logo can go a long way to keeping your brand memorable and familiar to your target market. You can test out how memorable it is by showing your design to people and asking them to describe or draw it after some time has passed.

Get some feedback

Don’t just ask your team or your friends and family what they think. The chances are they’ll say something positive, rather than highlighting potential problems. It helps to have a fresh, unbiased pair of eyes take a look at your logo so you can hear what their first impressions are

Where to put your logo once you’ve created it

Now you’ve designed your logo, it’s time to make use of it and get it out there. You need to make sure your logo is seen in the right places and is instantly recognisable. Here are some ways you can make the most of your new design.

Your shop front/virtual shop front

Starting with the obvious, your logo either needs to be on your shop front, outside your offices or, if you’re online-based, then on your virtual shop front – your website.

It will be the first thing people see so make sure it’s place prominently in a way that gives a good first impression.

Staff t-shirts

For those who run shops and have customer facing businesses or have a presence at events/business shows, it’s important that your staff are wearing your brand. This makes them easily identifiable to passing people and also keeps the brand in everyone’s minds.


While not the most exciting use of your logo, you’ll need it on all your company paperwork including contracts and invoices you send out to customers. This helps customers to identify which invoice they’re dealing with at first glance.
Don’t just limit this to physical paperwork, your logo should always be on your emails in your signature with links to your website and contact details.

Branded items

Branded items like mugs, notebooks and pens are always popular – especially when they’re handed out as freebies.

They can take your brand further than a simple banner at a business event can. Someone taking a branded cup home or to their office will be taking a mini advert of your company with them.

It can become a talking point and keeps your brand more visible. This is particularly true if your logo is eye-catching or unusual.

A logo is not something to be underestimated because first impressions count. It’s always best to ensure your logo is in keeping with your brand personality and your company’s aims and values. This helps to set the tone for your company and also gives your audience an idea of who you are and how you work.

When you’re happy with your logo design, leave no stone unturned and make sure it’s used everywhere you are.

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